Read and view below why a Cupcakes and Slime Birthday Party is a fun and memorable way for kids and teens to celebrate their birthday!

“This service is great because it is all encompassing. An incredible variety of cupcake decorations combined with a multitude of slime add ins which allow each child to be creative and allows for unique cupcakes and custom slime.”

– Annie S.

“My daughter wanted a slime birthday party. Because I knew this was out of my skill set, I was so grateful to find mother and daughter team Kimberly and Gaby, aka Cupcakes and Slime Birthday Party, who made this both the easiest and most fun party we’ve ever had! They brought everything along with their skill (mom is a self taught baker and daughter a slime instagrammer), and these kids had their dream party and got to make and take home 4 slimes each! We did the ultimate slime party but we did have the cupcakes for dessert and they were PERFECT (I am picky with cupcakes). Thank you Kimberly and Gaby! “

– Carrie F.

“Amazing so much fun! Kim and Gaby are wonderful. You made my daughter’s birthday a slimy sucess. The girls certainly loved making slime with you. Thanks again for such a fun, fabulous, slime fiesta. We loved every slimey gooey minute of it!”

– Dana Z.